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Livilla and Twilight
9 September
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So get over it.

Random questions, full of love:

1. Are you really from Sydney?

Well, duh.

No. Really I’m an Eskimo living in an igloo. We recently got a phone connection here in Siberia and there’s been a 3 day long party to celebrate!

Yes you dickhead! Go back to Melbourne wherever you came from!

2. Are you really brats?

Obviously a trick question.

Being the oldest of 5 bastard kids (well not REALLY bastards…they all just suck majorly), you’d think not. But I am a brat, a SPOILED brat…cause my internet mommy said I was!

3. So…why a joint LJ?

Coz we’re special like that.

Because it’s hard to find good pot outside of Queensland. No really, it is. But we wanted to keep track of our shit that we come up with in msn…cause I have a whole folder full of it.

4. Favourite Roslin outfit?

The lavender one from the mini. Sorry, Kim, it’s the skirt. And that it was a lovely colour on her.

Laura can just go nekkid, I’m not fussed. But I guess because she’s the Prez and she could wear a paper bag and still look hotter than hell: it would have to be the white wrap top and black skirt…cause that’s hot.

5. Who do you worship forever and ever?

Well, reading an interview this afternoon, definitely have to say Mary McDonnell. So smart and awesome and stuff.

SATAN! LORD OF DARKNESS! Not really…Satan is a douche who needs a girlfriend aside from Saddam Hussein.
/South Park

Mary McDonnell! Cause she’s hot and smart and fun and sexy and did I mention hot? Plus, she’s 54 and I’d still do her in a minute over any 22-year-old bimbo with fake tan/boobs/everything.

6. Favourite sexual position?

Desk, wall showe- oh, you mean in real life? That’s between me and my mind.

See Kama Sutra, position 61. Seriously though? I’m a geek which means I have yet to know what’s my favourite and what isn’t. So at the moment…can I just say voyeuristic onlooker and move on? Please? Cause yeah…smut rocks! Porn not so much…porn movies are crap.

7. What does the word ‘timewarp’ mean to you?

Hours of entertainment!

Listen carefully because I’m not nice like Charles Grey and I’m only gonna say it once:

It’s just a jump to left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
And bend your knees in time
Then it’s the pelvic thrust

Repeat a few thousand times and you’ve got it! And Magenta’s hot…did I mention that?

8. Do you know what antithesis means?

I used to! Now… I don’t really care.

Yes. And you don’t. And I’m not going to tell you. Deal.

9. Favourite swear word?


Fuck. Got it? Good.

10. BOOM! You are President of the world, what now?

BOW BEFORE YOUR GOD! AND GET ME MORE FANFICTION! And send George Bush to a remote island somewhere, along with every other politician. And everyone who would oppose me. Also, bring me Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos!

PARTY! Til the end of the world then I won’t have to do anything. End of the world btw: 50 years time…cause humans suck. And not in the fun happy way.

11. Why OPS when you’re under 20?

Coz I’m weird. And no one can deny the chemistry.

Because I’m a voyeuristic sick fuck who prefers people the same age as my parents. That and people my age are no-shit-for-brains who need to be killed. I have issues you say? No shit Sherlock!

12. Did that word just have a ‘u’ in it?

Yes. Yes, it did.

Yes. Got a fucking problem with it yank?

13. Favourite secondary BSG pairing?

Umm…Cally/Dee Billy/Dee. You can’t deny the cute.

Billy/Dee…because they’re so fucking adorable. And Lee needs to be shot…more than once…please?

14. Who are Bill and Laura?

The Admiral and President of the Colonies from Battlestar Galactica. The new version. They’re awesome and hot and we love them so.

They are TEH SHIT! No seriously, they really are! And although they can no longer fuck like 20 year olds on speed…they’re still hot.

15. Can I have your autograph?

Got 50 bucks?

No, fuck off!

Questions from others:

16. Okay a question for you two, how did you meet?

A friend introduced us over MSN. We bonded over Stargate and then I got Aly hooked on BSG. HAHAHAHAHA! Bet you’re all regretting it now!

We were separated at birth, quite literally. Siamese fraternal twins separated from each other, a grave mistake at the hospital, never again meeting until early 2004 when a blood test held the discovery that one of us was not related to our families. With the help of 11 detectives and a medium, by July that year we were reunited…and those who fucked up were severely beheaded.

Okay, okay…we met July 2004 through a mutual friend of ours – I met through M*A*S*H fandom and Alana met through Stargate (which said friend had just gotten me into). Both from Sydney (30 minutes apart), we hit it off with mutual love of fandom, hatred of families and mockage of all who sucked major ass.

17. What would happen if your fandoms collided with the timewarp?

*evil smirk* What WOULDN’T happen? There’d be lots of skin and lingerie. And make up.

I would die a thousand fandom!deaths. No, really, I would! I can’t think beyond Laura Roslin dancing with Sam Carter and Ang Bower…*happyplacesighisded*

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